Disgaea 7: svelate nuove informazioni sulle battaglie classificate e le classi

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Nippon Ichi Software ha rivelato nuove informazioni sulle battaglie classificate e le classi di Disgaea 7, prossimamente anche sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il settimo capitolo della serie di NIS America, sarà pubblicato il prossimo il 26 gennaio 2023 sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di 6,980 yen.

Potete trovare le informazioni rivelate di seguito.

Ranked Battles Appear for the First Time in the Series!

Aim to become the strongest in the Netherworld with your team building and strategy!

Compete against rivals from all over the country with the characters you have developed in “Online AI Battles” for the first time in the series. Whether you “fight with a well balanced party,” “use a party that specializes in harassing your opponent,” or “use your strongest characters and annihilate the enemy,” anything goes in Disgaea! Put your skills to the test and defeat your rivals to become the strongest in the Netherworld!

—Heated battles where anything goes, including new skills such as “Dodeka Max” and “Shinuchi Mode.”

—Win prizes by being getting a high ranking!

■ Learn the Basic Rules to Determine Your Strategy for Success in Ranked Battles!

“Ranked Battle” is a new system in which players compete online against other Disgaea players from all over the country to earn Rate Points. You can earn points by winning battles and lose points by losing battles. Continue to win games to earn Rate Points and climb up the leaderboard!

Rankings will be reset every week, and the stages and rules will change. Adapt your strategy every week in order to stay on top.

—Basic Rules of Ranked Battles

  • Register your team with a maximum of 10 units.
  • Choose one enemy team from three randomly selected teams.
  • The team to defeat every enemy unit wins the game.
  • After 30 turns, the team with more units alive will be the winner.

Ranked battles will be competed against each other with auto battles carried out by AI units you have edited in “Demonic Intelligence” mode.

■ Set Up Your AI and Get Ready for Battle

During ranked battles, characters will follow orders according to their “Demonic Intelligence.” Prepare your units’ Demonic Intelligence according to the rule sets and stages! Using basic Demonic Intelligence such as “Assault,” which aggressively attacks the enemy, or “Heal,” which prioritizes healing allies, are each valid options in competing in ranked battles. Try using basic Demonic Intelligence options to get yourself started.

—Ranked battles are artificial intelligence-based battles that utilize your Demonic Intelligence character edits..

—Assemble your team at the Ranked Battle Shop. Proceed to your starting placements once your party members have been confirmed.

—Upload your team once your placements has been confirmed. You are now ready to partake in ranked battles.

■ Nervous About Battling Other Players from the Get Go? Want to Test Your Demonic Intelligence? Introducing Two Modes that Will Help!

Test Battles: Hone Your Strategy Against AI Parties

A mode that lets you fight a set AI party. You can also edit your Demonic Intelligence during battle. After you’ve studied and crafted your Demonic Intelligence, it is time to test them out in “Free Battle” mode.

Free Battle: Put Your Demonic Intelligence Edits to Practice

Fight against real opponents in this mode that neither lowers or increases your rank. You can fight other teams casually or test out strategies. If you succeed in this mode, your team can surely handle themselves in ranked battles as well!

■ Know Thy Enemy and Thyself—That is the Key to Winning a Hundred Battles!

Choose your opponents by how your team will fair against them. Opponents will be selected from three random teams that are nearby in rank. Read your opponent’s party formation and strategy. Choose the one that you think your team will fair best against!

—Not only your strategy, but who you choose to pick a fight with is also critical!

Change Your Strategy According to Your Opponent

If you chose to use a team that specializes in close-range melee attacks…

  • …against teams that specializes in magic… – Get the first strike! Try to get close and attack the enemy before they can use their magic, and be ruthless with your melee attacks!
  • …against teams with high defense… – Magic attacks could deal major damage, but none of your units can use magic… Attack from behind, throw Prinnies and damage them, and avoid face-to-face combat!

■ Win Grand Prizes by Fighting Through Ranked Battles!

Ranks in ranked battles will reset every week, and you can win prizes according to your rank. Prizes consist of special items, HL, mana, and much more.

Prizes can only be claimed during the subsequent season. Be sure to claim them before they disappear!

■ Never Get Bored: Stages and Rules Change Every Week!

Numerous Unique Stages

Battle stages will change every week. Many unique stages await, including stages filled with Geo Panels and stages with height differences. Coming up with strategies for each stage is crucial!

The Rules Change Every Week

Not only will stages change, but special rules may also apply, such as “monster characters only.” Build up a vast roster in order to fit any kind of rule!

■ Train Your Characters and Learn Their Features and Characteristics to Fight Through Ranked Battles


Special attributes possessed by each character. Each character has a Unique Evility and Generic Evilities that you can allocate within their cost.


Unique abilities that affect the field when the character Dodeka Maxes. When Dodeka Maxing, the ability will affect both allies and enemies.

Learning each character’s characteristics is the key to victory! Understand their Evilities and Dobilities, and form your party.

■ Evilities and Dobilities Examples

Warrior (Male) – Melee Attack Type

  • Evilities
    • Wild Cry – Increases stats by 10% per adjacent enemy unit.
    • Shaking Excitement – Increases stats by 3% per enemy on the map.
  • Dobility
    • Increases stats by 20% for all characters.

A close-range fighter that has high melee attack and defense stats. It specializes in fighting on the frontlines, where its stats can be boosted per each adjacent enemy.

He often will be the target of an attack, so it is recommended to pair him up with a Priest who can use heals and buffs. Further increasing his defense and survival rate is his key to victory.

Witch (Female) – Magic Type

  • Evilities
    • Magic Moderation – Decrease all SP costs by 50%.
    • Magic Recovery – Recover SP equal to 5% of damage dealt.
  • Dobility
    • Recover 10% of SP at the end of every turn.

A character who specializes in magic, and can use magic without worrying about SP consumption due to her combination of SP recovery skills and moderation abilities. Be wary of status ailments such as “Amnesia” because this would not allow her to use special skills. Prevent this by using equipment and skills, or letting her carry “Fariy Dust”—an item that negates status ailments.

The Witch is lacking in defense, so it is recommended to pair her up with the Armor Knight and attack from a distance.

—What is Magic?

Magic consists of special skills that certain characters such as unique characters, Clerics, Witches, and Rune Knight can learn. (All characters can learn magic by meeting certain criteria.)

Magic has three basic elements: “fire,” “wind,” and “water.” By hitting enemies with elements they are weak against, you can deal major damage!

Continuing to use magic will hone your skills and allow you to attack enemies from a distance. Utilize and strengthen your favorite magic attacks!

If you want to strengthen your magic further, equipping a “Staff” can help you out! Staffs enable you to boost the effect and range of your magic skills.

Professor – Support Type

  • Evilities
    • New Medicine – Increases status buffs caused by skills by 100%.
    • Effective Use – Reduces the dispersal of magic skills when using wide-range magic.
  • Dobility
    • Recover from status ailments at the end of every turn.

A magic using class that can use support and healing magic. They also have unique abilities developed from magic science, such as buffing party members and brainwashing enemies to join your team.

They specialize in support skills, so pairing them up with melee characters is recommended. When paired with a Martial Artist or Warrior, the Professor can strengthen them as well as join in on the action with its own magic attacks ==.

Prinny – Monster Type

  • Evilities
    • Explosive Genes – When thrown, causes an explosion that deals damage equal to 50% of HP to surrounding two tiles.
    • Recycle Spirit – If this unit dies from exploding, the number of dispatched units recovers.
  • Dobility
    • When thrown, it explodes but does not die nor cause chain explosions.

The bottom of the barrel in the Netherworld. It has the weakest stats and is considered the “minion of minions.” It has an ability to explode and dish out a set amount of damage, but the amount of damage relates to the amount of HP it has, so throwing a Prinny with high maximum HP will cause massive damage.

It is recommended to be paired with Armor Knights who have a long throw distance, and Clerics who can boost maximum HP.

Thief (Male) – Support Type (New Character)

  • Evilities
    • Treasurize – Creates a 30% chance of obtaining a treasure chest when defeating an enemy.
    • Lucky Fingers – Increases the ranks of a treasure chest’s contents when destroying said treasure chest.
  • Dobility
    • Increases all characters’ speed by 50%.

A thief boy who loves collecting treasures. Defeating an enemy creates a chance for treasure to drop, so it is recommended to let him take the final blow. He also has the ability to make the contents of treasure chests better, so having him break the chest is a good idea.

He is also immune to the explosions caused by Prinnies. So use him not only to throw your own Prinnies, but also to throw enemy Prinnies.

Maiko – Support Type (New Character)

  • Evilities
    • Charming Dance – When receiving damage from male characters, creates a 30% chance of inflicting them with the “Charm” status ailment.
    • Mottainai Spirits – When using a recovery item, creates a 50% chance of retaining said item.
  • Dobility
    • When attacking characters of the opposite gender, creates a 10% chance of inflicting them with the “Charm” status ailment.

A support character who can charm and re-activate allies, and use support items. Although she has low defense, she has abilities to charm the male enemies who attack her.

She can also strengthen the attack of male allies, so teaming her up with male characters is recommended. Shrooms are strong against female characters, so if you have one in your party, you will have a team that can adapt to any gendered enemy.

Death Princess – Monster Type (New Character)

  • Evilities
    • Shaku – When defeated, revive yourself once with 20% of your maximum HP once per battle.
    • Deaths Corridor – Increases your stats by +10% each time an ally dies in battle (max 100%).
  • Dobility
    • Revive with 5% of your remaining HP when defeated.

A close range melee-type character with high attack and low defense. She has the ability to revive herself once, and can also drain enemy HP and recover HP at the end of turns, so she has a high survival rate despite her lack of defense.

She can become nearly invincible with the support abilities of a Cleric, and when paired with a Flora Beast she can even become a stronger attacker that annihilates the battlefield.

Giant Eye – Monster Type (New Character)

  • Evilities
    • Chaos Extreme – When attacking, randomizes a target’s defensive stats.
    • Eye of the Depths – When inflicted with a status ailment, inflicts the same status ailment on the enemy.
  • Dobility
    • Randomizes defensive stats.

A ranged magic-based character with a high intelligence stat despite its looks. This character has many skills that are difficult to use, such as randomizing defensive stats or making a character unable to evade, but has reduced damage.

It has an ability that makes attacks to enemies that inflict status ailments become a critical hit, so pairing them with a Sorcerer or Winged Warrior is recommended.

■ The Strategies and Characters You Use Are Up to You! Enjoy Ranked Battles with Your Own Style!

■ Generic Classes

Samurai (Male)

A samurai that lives by its own bushido code, and takes pride in his honor and protecting others. Although in Hinomoto, it is becoming more difficult to live by his own bushido…

Samurai (Female)

A samurai who mainly fights outside of the Hinomoto Netherworld. She specializes in one-on-one combat.

Ninja (Male)

A cold-blooded assassin who lives in the shadows. He boasts high mobility and can sprint around the battlefield with ease.

Ninja (Female)

She has a high evasion stat due to her excellent athletics. She also has a girly side that fantasizes about cute clothes.

Archer (Male)

A level-headed man that gets things done. He often gets into fights with the female archer.

Archer (Female)

A kindhearted Netherworld hunter. She specializes in ranged attacks with her bow.

Gunner (Male)

A gunman with lethal speed and high accuracy. He always kills his targets.

Gunner (Female)

A woman with a unique personality and unusual tone of voice. She specializes in combo attacks with her allies.

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