Omega Strikers: il titolo aggiornato alla versione 2.1.8 su Nintendo Switch

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Qualche ora fa è stato pubblicato un nuovo update per Omega Strikers, titolo aggiornato alla versione 2.1.8 su Nintendo Switch.

l’arcade arena di Odyssey Interactive e lo Studio Trigger, è stato pubblicato il 27 aprile 2023 sull’eShop europeo ed americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il changelog dell’update di seguito.

2.1.8 micropatch – Regolazioni dell’equilibrio – Modifiche al risveglio

HELLO GAMERS. We’ve got a little micropatch coming for you with the release of the event: DEMON DUEL.

Before we get into that, we made some changes to the game that we’d like you to know about. It’s important! We’re changing things and making them better and diffrent!

Here’s the deets:


Ahten City

The map where it all began is now being Awakened into the spotlight as a true competitive staple. With its higher focus on Orbs and (spoiler) synergy with certain Awakenings, we believe it’s distinct enough to rise to the occasion.

  • Now part of the Normal and Ranked map rotation

May 17th Micropatch:

We nerfed Octavia and Vyce in the May 17th Micropatch. They were just playing their music too dang loud!! Here are the deets if you missed it:


Octavia is intended to be weaker when she’s not rolling around at the speed of sound. However, she wasn’t feeling particularly vulnerable at lower stagger. She should now be easier to KO and interrupt her Flow State.

  • Stagger Gain Over Levels :: 250 → 125
  • Flow State [SECONDARY]
    • Increased speed per second :: 2.5% → 2%
    • Duration :: 2.75s → 2.5s
  • Sonic Boom [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 8s
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 175 (+87.5% Power) → 160 (+80% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1330 (+175% Power) → 1300 (+160% Power)


Vyce is always down for an encore, but her long sets gave opponents too little counterplay. She’ll end her riffing a bit earlier now so Evades are more feasible.

  • Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 16s
  • Super Nova [SPECIAL]
    • Hold time allowed : 2.5s → 2s (time to fully charge unchanged at 1.25s)



No matter if the strategy is to score or KO, Atlas has tools at his disposal to thwart the attempt. We’re tuning down how often he can use his abilities – and we’ll see what he cooks up in his Lab to counter us next.

  • Cosmic Expanse [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 20s → 22s
  • Celestial Intervention [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: 40s → 45s


We like that Juno and her buds provide some KO threat, but they’re going a bit overboard now. They’re supposed to be squishy and comfy and FRIENDLY!!

  • Friend Fling [PRIMARY]
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 180 (+90% Power) → 170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1340 (+180% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)


Rune clearly has a high skill ceiling, but his floor is way down in the shadow realm. We’re giving him a slight boost to the baseline effectiveness of Banish so you don’t need all of your cooldowns up to make it worth.

  • Banish [SPECIAL]
    • PvP Damage and Knockback :: 240 (+120% Power) → 260 (+130% Power)


Zen’s gonna pass that test with all the blade studying he’s been doing.

  • Oni’s Blade [SPECIAL]
    • Cooldown :: 40s → 35s


Hitting Gear and Awakenings with some light balance changes as data continues to roll in!

Magnetized Soles

  • Speed :: 30% → 25%

Vicious Vambrace

  • Stagger restore :: 25% of damage dealt → 30%

Stacks on Stacks

  • Speed per Stack :: .175% → .15% (35% Speed at Max Stacks → 30%)

Stagger Swagger

  • Base Speed :: 4% → 2%

Tempo Swing

  • Max Stagger Percent for Heal/Damage on hit :: 4% (1.33% for LIGHT hits) → 5% (1.66% for LIGHT hits)



We’ve got ideas for fun and exciting Awakenings that can really change the game and your focus on the round. We don’t want a million awakenings always active, reducing your chance of getting stuff you want or stuff that works well together, so we’re going to implement a “rotating” system of awakenings. Some older ones are gone, some newer ones are in. That doesn’t mean the older ones will be gone forever, you’ll see your beloved Prize Fighter again in the future 


. The new Awakenings should be enticing to get in every game, but you shouldn’t have to ponder taking them on Ahten City where the Orbs are plentiful.

Rotated In

  • [NEW] Orb Dancer :: Power Orbs increase Speed by 40% for 6s. After collecting 10 without being KOed, this effect is increased to 80%.
  • [NEW] Orb Ponderer :: Power Orbs reduce active cooldowns by 20%. After collecting 10 without being KOed, this effect is increased to 40%.
  • [NEW] Orb Replicator :: 50% of benefits from Power Orbs you collect is also granted to allies.

Rotated Out

  • Perfect Form
  • One-Two Punch
  • Prize Fighter
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