Dragon Ball: The Breakers, uno sguardo in video gameplay Broly, Cheelai, Limo, Bulma (Snow Suit) nella Season 4

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Abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay sulla Season 4 di Dragon Ball: The Breakers, disponibile ora su Nintendo Switch.

La Stagione 4 di Dragon Ball: The Breakers, in arrivo già dal prossimo 1 novembre 2023, vedrà protagonista il leggendario Super Sayan Broly.

Inoltre sarà possibile acquistare nel negozio delle skin di Mr. Satan, Cheelai, Lemo e la skin di Bulma (Snow Gear), oltre alla di nuovi item e trasfere tra le quali quella di Gogeta Super Sayan Blue.

L’action survival game asimmetrico ambientato nell’universo di Dragon Ball Xenoverse, è disponibile dallo scorso 14 ottobre 2022 anche su Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare l’annuncio ufficiale di seguito.

[Season 4 Trailer Available Now!]

Dragon Ball: The Breakers – Season 4 & 1st Anniversary Updates
A trailer showing off everything awesome about the new Raider Broly along with the new Lemo, Cheelai, and Mr. Satan Survivor Skins is available to watch right now!
Give it a watch!

New Raider: Broly

Level 2: Broly (Rage)

With the “Planet Crusher” Super Attack, you can choose a part of the map to launch an attack that will envelop a wide range of the area in its blast!

With the “Aura Trap” Active Skill, you can stop a Survivor in their tracks and pull them towards you!
This skill is usable after level 3, so use it to trap Survivors and immediately launch an attack!

Level 3: Broly (Super Saiyan)

The “Blaster Meteor” Super Attack combines both offense and defense!
The barrier will provide Broly with a defensive shield while launching a volley of blasts at all the Survivors!

Broly can use the “Gigantic Power” Active Skill starting at level 2, which temporarily buffs his Ki Blasts and increases his speed!
You can use this skill even when you’re being attacked, so it’s a good way to fight back when you’re being assaulted at close range!
This attack can’t be stopped, so you can crush your Survivor opponents!

Level 4: Broly (Super Saiyan Full Power)

Gigantic Roar is a devastatingly powerful long-range Super Attack that Broly fires straight ahead and devastates anything in its path!
Try to use it to hit a Survivor and instantly defeat them!

Plus, the “Wrathful Reign” Passive Skill allows you to launch not one but two area-wide attacks at level 4!
Figure out the best time to launch this attack during battle and drive the Survivors into a corner!

Advance Through the Dragon Tiers!

You can get the Mr. Satan Survivor Skin by progressing all the way to Tier 50 in Season 4!
With the Active Skill, “The Savior Has Come”, you can temporarily stop a Raider’s movements!
Plus, the appropriately-named “Immortal Champion” Passive Skill prevents you from being downed and instead you’ll fly backwards when taking damage without a barrier. You can only use this once per match!
Be sure to get this skin for yourself!

New Summon

Super Saiyan God Spirits is Here!

The Super Saiyan God form has finally made its way to Spirit Siphons!
In addition to adding the new Super Attack “God Kamehameha”, Goku (Super Saiyan God) also has the “Godlike Speed” Passive Skill where damage is reduced while flying and using Dragon Change.
Plus, with Vegeta (Super Saiyan God)’s Passive Skill “Gift of the Gods”, damage is reduced while using level 1 Dragon Change!
Not to mention the new Super Attack “Blazing Attack” is incredibly powerful!
Use the power obtained from the domain of the gods to take down Broly!

1st Anniversary Spirit Siphon is On!

One of 20 popular skills are guaranteed in a Multi-Summon!
Now’s your chance to grab the skill you’ve always wanted!
This is a special summon you can only play by using 1st Anniversary Tickets and TP Tokens!

Premium 1st Anniversary Spirit Siphon is On!

This includes the same lineup of popular skills from the 1st Anniversary Spirit Siphon!
This is a special summon that you’ll need a Premium 1st Anniversary Ticket in order to play!
Get your hands on some powerful skills and use them to their fullest in Season 4!

New Event

Anniversary Tier: Goku

As part of the 1st Anniversary Campaign, the new event “Anniversary Tier: Goku” is being held!
Collect tons of Goku Medals to get some amazing rewards!
The big rewards to keep an eye out for are the gold-glittering Goku’s Turtle Hermit Gi (Turtle Symbol 1) (1st Anniversary Ver.) costume set and 1st Anniversary T-Shirt (Orange), not to mention the tons of Premium Anniversary Tickets that are up for grabs!

Event period: Until 11/30/2023 22:59 PST | 12/1/2023 06:59 CET (Sched.)

New Campaign

1st Anniversary Campaign

An item gift in honor of the 1st Anniversary Season launch!
Log in during the Season 4 period to get the following items as a gift!

  • 1st Anniversary T-Shirt (White)
  • 1st Anniversary Ticket x10
  • Spirit Siphon Ticket x40

You can get costumes celebrating BREAKERS’ first anniversary and a total of 50 Summon Tickets!

Five Weekends of Gifts!

Starting with the first weekend following Season 4’s launch and continuing for five weekends total, get 10 Summon Tickets each weekend!
That’s a total of 50 Summon Tickets up for grabs!

Campaign period:
11/2/2023 23:00 PDT | 11/3/2023 7:00 CET – 11/5/2023 22:59 PST | 11/6/2023 06:59 CET
11/9/2023 23:00 PST | 11/10/2023 7:00 CET – 11/12/2023 22:59 PST | 11/13/2023 06:59 CET
11/16/2023 23:00 PST | 11/17/2023 7:00 CET – 11/19/2023 22:59 PST | 11/20/2023 06:59 CET
11/23/2023 23:00 PST | 11/24/2023 7:00 CET – 11/26/2023 22:59 PST | 11/27/2023 06:59 CET
11/30/2023 23:00 PST | 12/1/2023 7:00 CET – 12/3/2023 22:59 PST | 12/4/2023 06:59 CET

Boost Campaign

During the event period you can get increased amounts of EXP, Super Warrior Spirits and Zeni!
What’s more, following the 10/31/2023 PDT | 11/1/2023 CET maintenance and lasting until 11/12/2023 PDT | 11/13/2023 CET, you can get 2.5 times the regular amount of EXP!
Give yourself an amazing head start!

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