Pokémon UNITE: il titolo aggiornato alla versione su Nintendo Switch

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Qualche ora fa è stato rilasciato un nuovo update per Pokemon Unite, titolo aggiornato alla versione su Nintendo Switch.

Lo strategico a squadre di The Pokémon Company e TiMi, uno studio di Tencent Games, è stato pubblicato il 21 luglio 2021 su Nintendo Switch, mentre su mobile a partire da settembre.

Potete trovare il changelog dell’update di seguito.

So, you may notice the patch notes are slightly out of order. This is intentional. The items are listed at the top this time, because their changes are so fundamentally impactful to the meta, that the rest of the patch notes are virtually worthless without their understanding.

Now that I’ve sufficiently hyped it up, enjoy the first actually meaningful balance patch we’ve had in… hm. Forever?

Also of note, XP seems to have been changed. We will investigate and update you on the developments in the Mathcord.

Held Items

The two best Battle Items in the game just took an axeing. Buddy Barrier shields are no longer OP, and Score Shields are no longer impenetrable. The meta is changing, everyone! Usher in the Era of Diverse Items!

Buddy Barrier

Passive HP: 200/400/600 -> 150/300/450
Shield: 20%/30%/40% MaxHP -> 15%/20%/25% MaxHP
NOTES: Multiple Buddy Barrier shields no longer stack on top of one another.

Score Shield

Internal Cooldown: 6s -> 20s
NOTES: The shield is now consumed before any other shields.
NOTES: Shield amount now increases with level.



fast squirrel go less fast


NOTES: CC is no longer just flat-out removed, it’s just converted to a slow instead.


Imagine the countless possibilities of egg-based puns I could have used in this section. Just imagine how awful they could have beenn. Let your imagination run wild. You can be the author of your own pun groans.

Soft Boiled and Egg Bomb

NOTES: Both moves now grant two egg charges each upon learning them. These moves now share a charge reserve.

Soft Boiled+

NOTES: Now unlocks at level 10 (prev 12).


NOTES: Now unlocks at level 10 (prev 12).

Egg Bomb+

NOTES: Now unlocks at level 12 (prev 10).

Helping Hand+

NOTES: Now unlocks at level 12 (prev 10).


This poor excuse of a monolith has been a terror in the Unite scene for a bit, and really needed a bit of a kneecapping. This change definitely is going to hurt Dragon Pulse, but whether it’s actually enough to stop this glorified stone is something we’ll have to wait to see.
Laz note: Dragon pulse probably deserved the nerf but we didn’t deserve having to calculate dragon pulse again, these numbers will be out later.

Dragon Pulse

Exact details to come soon. This is a complicated ability to fetch information for, so details will be updated here once information is found. (Estimated nerf is around 30%)

Stealth Rock

NOTES: Visual adjustments.

Alolan Ninetales

Blizzard hits more often, but less hard. Aurora Veil hits just as often as it always has, but no longer gives you a bajillion HP anymore. Only like, a third of a bajillion now.

Aurora Veil

Ratio: 10% -> 5%
Per Level: 3 -> 1
Base: 50 -> 20
NOTES: Movement speed buff reduced.


NOTES: Stun duration decreased.
NOTES: Width increased.


Talon hasn’t been too dominating of a force in some metas, but its performance has been fairly consistently high for a while now. A swift kick in the wings should bring it back in line with other mons not named Lucario.

Brave Bird

NOTES: Radius decrease on AoE. Center-to-center range remains the same.
Ratio: 230% -> 230%
Per Level: 21 -> 18
Base: 940 -> 800

Flame Sweep

Cooldown: 89s -> 100s
Ratio: 146% -> 124%
Per Level: 12 -> 11
Base: 600 -> 510


I have a 7:1 Over/Under of Lucario’s winrate dropping 0.5%. I expect there to be nobody buying Over.

Extreme Speed

Ratio: 225% -> 198%
Per Level: 6 -> 6 (Unchanged)
Base: 280 -> 270


They say the most humiliating death is one by a thousand cuts. Hoopa just took its first hundred, we’ll see if it keels over with so few, or if it still have juice in the tank.


NOTES: Shielding range reduced.
NOTES: Auto attack range reduced.
Cooldown: 7.5s -> 9s


Healing: 40% damage dealt -> 25% damage dealt

Shadow Ball

NOTES: Stun duration reduced.

Phantom Force

NOTES: Stun/slow duration increased.
Cooldown: 5.5s -> 4.5s


ok alexa play gas gas gas by manuel


Ratio: 60% -> 90%
Per Level: 2 -> 2
Base: 135 -> 200


Listen, strange programmers lyin’ in Japan distributin’ buffs to swords is no basis for a system of balance. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical programatic ceremony.

Boosted Attack

Sword Forme:
Ratio: 125% -> 135%
Additional Damage: 6% of target’s MaxHP > 7% of target’s MaxHP
Shield Forme:
Ratio: 125% -> 150%
Per Level: 10 -> 12
Base: 60 -> 72

Sacred Sword

NOTES: Stun duration increased.
Triangle Attack:
Ratio: 87% -> 96%
Per Level: 3 -> 3
Base: 110 -> 120
Dash Attack:
Ratio: 174% -> 192%
Per Level: 6 -> 6
Base: 220 -> 240


Don’t worry, he’s not all bark anymore.

Branch Poke

NOTES: Slow increased.
Ratio: 65% -> 75%
Per Level: 8 -> 9
Base: 240 -> 280
(NEW) Healing (x3):
3% of trevenant’s maximum health


DoT (12 Ticks):
Ratio: 38% -> 41%
Per Level: 2 -> 2
Base: 90 -> 100
Final Hit:
Ratio: 152% -> 164%
Per Level: 8 -> 8
Base: 360 -> 400
4% max HP per second -> 3% max HP per second

Pain Split

Healing: 100% of damage dealt on each tick -> 120% of damage dealt

Phantom Forest

Cooldown: 134s -> 114s


Cramorant’s Unite has been hitting like a soggy noodle for the last few patches. It was in desperate need of a pump. This should get the little quacker back in some games.

Air Slash

NOTES: Fires an additional (5th) blade.

Gatling Gulp Missile

Cooldown: 134s -> 123s
Ratio: 83.6% -> 101%
Per Level: 18 -> 9
Base: 319 -> 390


I still don’t understand why arguably the worst Unite move in the game had the longest cooldown in the game. It baffles me so. Fortunately, that length is slightly less ridiculous.

Waterburst Shuriken

Cooldown: 164s -> 134s


The Japanese notes forgot to mention these changes, so I think this is the first time we can claim victory as being more thorough than TiMi! Woo, never happened before! Oh also, don’t let the looks deceive you – Aqua Tail not being able to break Score Shield was pretty backbreaking, so this might not be as nerf-y as it seems on th surface.


BUGFIX: Related to movement speed reduction to enemies.


BUGFIX: Related to dealing damage to enemies.

Aqua Tail

Laz note: These two changes together means Aqua Tail deals more damage when the target is below about 150 Def, and less when they’re above. This is a rough estimate, and the exact amount will change depending on items.

NOTES: No longer ignores Defense/shields.
Basic (Long Range):
Ratio: 69% -> 82.8%
Per Level: 3 -> 3
Base: 45 -> 54
Boosted (Long Range):
Ratio: 138% -> 165.6%
Per Level: 6 -> 6
Base: 90 -> 108

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